I can almost hear your question “is it possible to develop native mobile apps with JavaScript?”, Yes in the meantime it is possible to develop native apps using JavaScript. There are some frameworks on the market to develop a native mobile app, such as NativeScript, React Native or Cordova + Microsoft Project ACE. In this article I’m going to cover the NativeScript part because it supports the most mobile APIs.

1. What is NativeScript?

A Brief Tour of NativeScript UI

2. Install the NativeScript CLI

Node.js must be installed on your machine.

Run in your terminal and follow shown instructions

npm install -g nativescript

Verify Installation

by typing the following command in your terminal: tns

2. Install iOS and Android requirements


@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy…


Nowadays there are lots of test strategies that you can find on the internet. I’m gonna list below the most important tests to ensure your code quality in a software development cycle from top to down:

Are you a person born to be a programmer or did you become a programmer?

I’m not saying that one type is better than the other one.
I’m saying depending on my experiences there are and will be always two types of programmer in this industry.

What about you? What kind of programmer are you?

What is big data everyone is talking about?

Why do we even collect the data?

Which skills do you need to become a data analyst?

How to make a decision correctly?

Will big data save the world?

I developed a library to create fancy and complex tables dynamically and very rapidly.

Online Demo

Here you can find an online example how the dynamic table can be used:

What is it?

  • Why: The table is a core element, and used almost on every page to display a list of data, which means without having a library or widget, you will have multiple tables and duplicate implementations. Actually the table functionalities are always the same, it defers only in design and content.
  • Problem: If you have ever used the angular material table, you already faced to the problem, that only strings can be displayed…

This module checks roles and permissions of the current signed in user and disables input fields on demand automatically. That means you don’t have to disable each form input field individually. Currently supports: buttons, input fields, text areas, checkboxes, selects


1 week ago I started to work in a new project. For the frontend part I decided to use Angular 2 / 4 and Google material design, but I didn’t want to build the whole application and its skeleton from scratch. So I decided to implement an angular-material-starter-kit I can use every time I start a new project without repeating same issues. The goal is to have at the end a solid and responsive design which works with the angular material library. …

Hi everybody, in this article i’m gonna suggest you 15 books that every programmer should definitely buy, read and hold them in their books library for the whole lifetime. Those suggestions are a product of long year experiences, so take my suggestions seriously :)

Copyright of some images belongs to The Practical Developer

  1. Variable naming: The hardest part of coding!

2. Copying and pasting from StackOverflow.

I wrote a python script using the OpenCV framework to detect digits on a credit or insurance card.

How does it work?

The code works simply as two parts. The aim of the first part is to train the script with possible images. Once the training is done, you can test your scanned image (i.e. credit card or insurance card).

Sample recognition output

Here you can see the output of a successful digits recognition:

If a baby can use an application then every fool should be able to use it!

I am sure that you saw some children using mobile phones, especially if you are parent you know exactly what i mean, but this is an other special story. Don’t give me wrong, i don’t consider myself as a UX specialist. I am just gonna tell you a true story that made me thinking about UX design testing.

What the hell are you talking about?

I am talking about a new crazy and maybe unknown way of UX design testing. I came up to…

Gökhan Sari

A professional software engineer at Allianz (previously UBS). 10 years of experience in the IT industry. BSc in computer science at the University of London

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